A Fun Casino for any Event
now with VIP LED tables and unique Mini Magic Mirror hire.


What do we do?

Luxury Mobile Fun Casino Hire for all events!  
​Perfect for weddings, parties and events, any size!
All the games, all the fun,

don't lose your shirt!

We also now have VIP LED Roulette and Blackjack tables

for the WOW factor!

Hire Full Size Casino Tables with Professional Croupiers
also Casino Royale - James Bond 007,  Las Vegas,

Hollywood, Peaky Blinders, Wild West ​and

Great Gatsby backdrops and theming - 

plus our unique Mini Magic Mirror! 



How does it work?

All play is for fun money which will either be distributed or can be sold for a charity event.

Take your fun money to the table of your choice – there are Roulette, Blackjack various kinds of Poker, Craps (Dice) and Wheel of Fortune tables to choose from.  The croupier will change your fun money into chips to play at the table.  At the end of the evening the persons accumulating the most fun money / chips will win prizes. 

Please note that if you wish to leave the table before the end of play you should cash in your chips.

Roulette at the Ashes Tasting Day.jpg


Choose your lucky numbers from 0-36 or play the outside bets – red, black, odd, even, high, low. No skill needed, purely a game of chance.  Odds are displayed on the table and are the true odds paid in UK casinos (excepting the outside bets lose on a Zero).  Anyone can pick up this game in a few minutes!


Blackjack is a bit like pontoon or 21. Playing against the dealer only.  Players receive 2 cards each on the table and then try to get as near to 21 without "busting" - there's no 5 card tricks and a few different strategies to learn - ask the dealer about splitting and doubling!  The dealer can help novices and advise on the best play.  This game can be picked up in a few minutes!

Blackjack cards.JPG
Poker table logo.jpg


Poker - we have various poker games available such as 5 card Stud or Caribbean Stud Poker, Brag or 3 Card Poker, Casino Hold'em and Texas Hold'em.  We can organise tournaments as well, please ask.  
We would normally supply 5 Card Stud Poker as standard unless asked otherwise as this is a nice easy game loosely based on poker hands, which every poker fan can pick up in a few minutes - this table comes with a warning though - it's very addictive and guests tend to not leave this game until they run out of fun money :D


Dice or Craps as its known started off as a New York street game, with players betting on combinations of 2 dice - it's all about the 7s and 11s - ask the dealer to teach you how to play, best to take it in stages. It's a great game when you get the idea....slightly more difficult than Roulette or Blackjack.

Dice table logo_edited.jpg


Wheel of Fortune is a very simple game which anyone can play - the wheel has 3 dice (pictures) on each section - choose from numbers 1-6 to place your bets on. The dealer spins the wheel, if the player matches one dice they get even money, match two pays double , match 3 pays treble. 
 We often offer this as a dual game which can be changed to Blackjack or Poker half way through to provide a different game.


Our unique Mini Magic Mirror comes with attendant and can airdrop photos straight to your iPhone for you to share on Instagram, Facebook, text to friends and family in seconds!  It had the added bonus of no tacky props - just add digital props, stickers, text, drawing etc to your photo then and there!

If desired, you can add a printer,  USB with all photos and guestbook.  Photos can be customised for your event with a logo or short message.

MMM at the Mill Barns logo thumb_edited_
thin Vegas 2 tables backdrop logo.jpg




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